„Ghostbound – Love is Stronger than Death“ by C.M. Singer – FOR FREE from June 4th till June 5th

C.M. Singer is one of the most amazing german authors I know. Yesterday, she finally published the first book of her „Ghostbound-Series“, which is now available for all the english speaking people. A printed version of it will be available soon.


So what is it about?

Can there be hope for love beyond the grave?

Elizabeth is stunned. Daniel, the handsome detective she´s met while researching a mysterious series of murders in London, was killed right in front of her. But she soon learns that Daniel´s ghost is stranded in this world and that she´s the only person who can see and hear him. They team up to find his murderers and come to realise that things aren’t what they first seemed to be.

There’s only one question that bothers Elizabeth even more: Has fate really given Daniel and her a second chance? Or is this just a brief respite from the inevitable?

„Ghostbound – Love is Stronger than Death“ is available FOR FREE from June 4th till June 5th.

You can find it on…

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Germany

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